May 26, 2013

in the land of sir mix-a-lot...

Art by Michael Hutter ©

lord mercutio feigned his death for a good reason

there was a secret deal
with the palace guards
a plan beholden
to his hand to bottomed joy
the jokes were all a ruse
something he used
as all he ever wanted
was to spank
the ladies
their pear and
apple cushions
had captured his
from the time
he grew baby
into a sidekick lore

he set about after tybalt, paris
and romeo dead were dead
to handle the maidens of the land instead
he said there is no honor
taking up another man's life
so he took the hook of his nose
and set about to make fantasy his right
there was this lust he loved to grow
ancillary and bent, a comfortable rose
with velvet furniture and gloves
he talked of taking time
to a fully clever and demure
to a smile gracing
with invitations tasting
drinks to shed lace
he had hoped for sure
he stated so when inclined
I just want to cup a woman's behind

your crown princes' are memories
they are courtyard shade trees
you can sing to them what you like
he says to each lady
in a tapestry whisper
its your dress
I want to hike
so that
in every chamber of Verona
you will hear me ask
have you ladies
a preference for the bed
or the floor or
maybe more wine to task
perhaps a roam and chase
perhaps another laugh
while I turn the moon
a rich belly pink
so what say you ladies
would you mind my palms
in prayer down there
what do you think
do I have to beg
do I have to swear
do I have to crawl with the bare
parts of my desire
where you can
see why I came
calling your name


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