May 6, 2013

straitjacket tuxedo...

rail birds gather during the meet at the Spa 1919
(from the Saratoga Springs Historical Museum, George S. Bolster collection)

we tip the buyer sheet on Union Ave.

we shear the seller
to clean their skin
we line the cellar with casks
little empires of essence
in the distill of body parts
a trigger finger paralysis
is only a lately
a slowed down time
and even if time is
altogether a construct
time is not there, it is always here
slippery as mercury spilled
on a kitchen floor

you eat dreams
at windows
for chance
when thermometers
are broken, scattering
cat. 2 fever response mechanisms
in prosthetic hums
thesis after thesis
you research reason
and pop cultural identity
in low viral loads

the explanation
humanity seeks
is a grind of law
and logic applied
with variant floor
and ceiling devices
along the rails

the scents of May
for instance, are
early ebbing Summer
the tides in sucker
and linen suited hats
saying we got that
we tip the buyer sheet
we peddle pick after pick
we are tout tomorrow
we are what trumpets
your 30 pieces of silver
into imagination
flourishing inside
the call of magic escape
amid the siren landscapes
between defiance and pride
between betting it all
and letting it ride
the bells
for saint somebody
are ringing
it is now
post time


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