May 7, 2013

alterations, hand sewn...

‘self portrait legal paper’  EJR ©


stop means go
go means yes
yes means no
no means try
try means please
please means lie
lie means smile

amber yellow
wanted poster
plain clothed tailgate-r
gunner runner
idiot in hooves
pine bluffed
mauled with desire
for direction

my written modernity has become
compartmentalized mythologies
built-in malls
palled onto meridians
I shop my recidivism
every future a farm yoked humanity
along highways, cities and
what time strafes between them
arterially wanting left wading
berms and levees
finding the nipple bars
ramp felt underground resins
power thirsting in passive
and generationally punitive
3D modeled printing
of ecstasies
in weapon plastic ovaries

shadow bibles and fairy tales
are all I have left and
they are very good
at ribbon-ing languages
into cutter paper pen jargon
life boiled down into clever vignettes
faux élan scripted destinies disguised
as repeatable histories, flash carded
into legerdemain animation
slip streamed like it never happened
hyper magnetized clean swiped erased
pigment bone rendered

I remember
hung up on
flat world divinities
the poem
was hexagonal
like me
the side of the road
a wall tattered
corner falling
Humpty Dumpty
calling, playing
gravity’s song again


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