April 6, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 6...

art by Erik Thor Sandberg ©

she stripped down my dream world fantasy
( a post Ostara poem )

wayside sugar shack
I want to stick around you for awhile
truck my tricks with a construction's insistence
spider vein crawl into my imagination
wiring my physical desire
to my own underground utilities

it was wet granite escarpment
the way she passed on by
rhinestones that shone, artificial sunlight
tracking in spotlights, on her breasts
she wore pasties, brilliant gold shields
they captured light, covered her areolas
with a million angled attraction
I took off my hat, carpenter disguised myself
as insects and mosses, I worked diligently
to avoid detection, my eyes screaming for more

there were little prayer stalls
with over hangs and cantilever roofs
each booth seemed almost instantaneously
raised to a place where one belt signed registry books
embarking a grotto trail filled with mysterious surrendered visions
things not usually fit for human eyes outside on the street
a remote place, nestled in a valley of mountains
somewhere, everything seemed a slow adapted moment
somewhere, memory forgets long enough to be treasured

I ask for orange juice and vodka with a touch of pomegranate
and take to a veranda, open mouthing the glass sky
I carry with me a notebook and black pen
lettering each smell, deep pines and raw pink Earth
she began to unlock folded surprises
one after the other, for this poet
dancing behind veils, eternity embraces stolen time
disrobing, I knelt by her pooled water, with blade and my erection
each part of this geometry, was another limb to kiss
another word, fit where we placed rhythm to bliss
another poem raced toward mounting our wild inside
another veil removed beacon-ed nearer 
to wanton soles and perfection to ride



  1. Wow! good stuff this is! ;-)

    1. Thank You...for stopping on by...gratitude for your comment...Edward

  2. amazing on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I appreciate that you've taken the time to read it...many thanks...Edward

  3. Crazzee gooode.... Every detail can be seen....

    1. Humble gratitude...much appreciation for reading... :)