April 5, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 5

painting by Albert Bierstadt ‘A Storm in the Rocky Mountains-Mount Rosalie' 1866

corruptible man, mad mountain

my faith was
falling fast  
I arrived by train   
northern depot
whistle stop
conductor said
disembark please and
suggested another road  
winding paths
fit me best
a place for poets
pugilists and perverts
an immersion
a worship seclusion
a place for clay
and the way
water will cut
through anything

shale ice peaks loom
a great lodge  
roomy windows
every direction
another face
to remember
servants blending
walled miscreants
denizens of sin
all my relativity
on the road
I met myself
several times
the way up here
cloaked with daggers
at the ready
evil fornicates 
flowered restless 
jaunted by wind
Spring time is
a raw blade
one without hero welcome
one never resting
one meant only 
to arrest the likes 
of me

I hide myself
on every blank page
purifying sounds 
with consumption
in my prayers I ask
for a you to give me
a mask of villainy
killing each today
so every tomorrow
will be the masterpiece
I could not find words for
when you asked me
how do we fit into
all the places
our eyes have 
taken us to


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