April 13, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 13...

‘hypocrite auteur’  Carl Gopalkrishnan   ©

crown filled lace-crusading my protestant denial

give penance
every nation, lacking
the authority
to govern
what faith can bring

and whence forth
upon completion
of our sedition
in this rendition
for instance, we shall give
King James and his Bible
the pillory boot
and turn ourselves
over to the Moon

the slice arch of her back
her cascading, slow peeled surrender
her painting the wet sides of humanity’s skin
we dream of her articulations in our bones
we seek every way we can
steal into her light
we tear ourselves into her fabric
blindfold crawling hoping
she is with us
in the tides, low to high ebb

we trade the mass produced parts 
of our commoditized life for
finding the pieces of ourselves 
that wash up on shores
the pieces, we have never understood
the pieces that say, who we are
inside the mysteries of the Sun and our sins

where we have
spent centuries
steadying ourselves
in the mouths of oceans
on our flagged tongues of land
where we have always
asked ourselves why
when the Moon is
a woman to worship
we become undone
we become empty
palms for hands
seeking simply
to glow again


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