March 13, 2013

off track betting on madness...

photo courtesy of Carlo Magnani via Flickr

Ginsberg howled for all of us

america, will you ever free yourself from corporate demands
america, all your killing machines wait for your commands
america, all the great cities of the world know your hands are in the pies
america, how easily you make bastards by turning blind eyes
america, are you going to insure absolution for the banks completely
america, when will mom and pop main street be important again
america, why is it alright for you to decide who lives and who dies
america, you televise lies to wear thin every resolve against you
america, at what cost is your need to win
america, do you know souls starve too
america, tell us what are we to do

maybe we should take up arms and cause for insurrection
maybe we smile and wave
maybe we serenade ourselves
maybe we single out lust and steal inside mirrors
maybe we titillate ourselves with self fulfilling lies

america, appearances are the only things you would have us believe
america, are your laws written just to deceive
america, you were once a beautiful place
america, even your god thinks you've lost grace
america, we might choose internment camps
as much as we would what propaganda to dance to
america, what color flag do you want raised
america, I am only another poet who has lost his mind
america, I am in a bind because children die for profit and portrayal
america, your bombs and bullets are not meant to be their god
america, we are here, in diminishing returns
america, we spend too much time, as prisoners, wishing and dreaming
america, we kill children here too
america, isn't our god the same avenging father all the bibles know
america, will you always be on guard to spend lives
america, are the dollars you earn, the only righteous ones
america, why are the fences just for us
america, you don't give a fuck
america, will you ever know what love means
america, can you tell me in few simple words, what love is
america, can you show me that you still know how to give
america, your slave roots cannot be washed away
america, your colored commentary is a rant, an opaque rambling
america, you are a blitzkrieg of material deception
america, you are neon soldier marketplaces
america, you are shaves and haircuts
america, you are pussy alerts and cocks out
america, you are hard wired technology
america, you are connectivity to the memory of shackles
america, Tesla was right, he said give the power away for free
america, minds and souls would ascend elegantly, our bodies to follow
america, you chose J.P. Morgan instead
america, salvation is a lost art here
america, I fear what I have become on your breast
america, you need not waste a bullet on me
america, I am past begging
america, I am already locked inside myself
america, I am my own apathy
america, I am another child you refuse to see
america, you are a barrel sighted, flower deficient country tis’ of thee
america, you were once an omniscient plan
america, you are now a scant trace of humane
america, you are the slip of mercury, the poison of lead
america, please stop feeding me
america, you, as am I, are mostly, already dead


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