March 16, 2013

crossing the nadir...

photo by Alan Bauer ©
faces I remember, meanings I forget

I enter the lair
dreams in bare skin
the hemlock poison
the waking movements
the bride dial Sun

shadows tell time here
in a reach of fingers
burning exits into holes
do I cover them with long twigs
and leaves to mark my memory
with why apathy always lingers

where do I cut into the bark of trees
where I am going to curl into indecision  
where do I revise my eyes with lies
over and over in a history of language  
warbled into wanting more noise

a phone booth appears
lit by a star’s light falling
through a parting of branches
hallucinations are calling
daring me to call
someone else

do you hear jazz drumming
running brushes over cymbals
top hat stepped base kit drum
do you hear your stomach
do you want to get sick
do you fill with fear
do you pocket the numbers
do you leap off the pages
do you want to go write
with black ink on white paper
and pretend you are the words

EJR ©                 

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