March 17, 2013

beyond recognition...

photo by Edward Rinaldi ©

why I write ( a hermetic tune )

is it because it fends off
the incessant noise that howls
electricity at the moonless skies
piercing each trampled step of time
singing calendars, another day, another night

what have I carried in my bones
to gnaw on, hungry for hope
what sinew have I chewed
what skins have I burned to keep warm
what kind of cold knows
I know what lonely is

oh, tomorrow my faithless muse
you come wearing the same ugly mask
see what you can see you say
be aware the tides comes early today
am I willing to take stock of my sighs
my burrows, my cling to the past

the felt dimensions
each a vision fibered
with certainty colored
twined to lies
the rope
the hangman
the strange fruit
the cries

oh tomorrow my faithless muse
what ink have I left to bleed today
what cause to banner have you left for me
what vane webs shall I pine to our little yellow star
what carved rock images do you seek in these poems
what filter lights would you have me wash my dreams with

oh tomorrow my faithless muse
what have you left for me to tremble with
what angle to my fingers do you want bent
what lever crooked sounds, do I hammer onto string
what connects me to the windows full of morning
what have you left for me to bandage outside the rasp of beauty

oh tomorrow my faithless muse
are you still waiting to hear why it is I write
why I insist at keeping my death at bay
why, when looked upon, I am
another page painting pictures
another day following the paths of Dawn
another way I am these words
another place you know, that is, where I belong



  1. I totally dig this. Awesome.

    Love this: "am I willing to take stock of my sighs"

    1. well thank you...monotony and mania, sometimes has its caveats... :)

  2. that stanza on the bones and flesh is tight...also the rather tortured feel of our subservience to the muse...keeping my death at bay as piece...keep writing it...smiles.

  3. you are always gallant and kind...much appreciated...

  4. Epic indeed, I really enjoyed your panoramic paint of tortured feeling, faithless muse is something I can feel as I read this.

    1. I have always thought questions asked of the universe by a poet, might be better served when asked in the mirror first. I am grateful for your comment, it is humbling to reach others when expressing myself, in order to live. Thank You, Edward