February 19, 2013

there are too many corners to count when circles begin...

photo by Howard Edin ©

astrophysics part II

what you see is what you get
with near Earth objects
they close fast
they like wearing lab coats
with nothing on beneath
cradling civilized beings
behind fastened buttons

on every other side
of the clouds
there are master painters
piecing together experience
into human myth
elements are immaterial
they pinch our pockets
pick off what love does
leaves us with coin tosses
and categories
heads and tails
life and death…

with both hands
on the wheel
I ask my companion
what color cellular growth
will you be, when you see
Schr√∂dinger's cat…

we are outside
of Barstow, California
the wind has picked up
and we are pulling over
to the side of highway 40
we wax eloquently
in the bent light theater
of dead stars…

the wind is a pitched howl
deep into a settled dark
past the midpoint of Winter
it carves handles
onto infinite space
it whistles membranes
compresses everything
onto a shimmering surface

we are all waiting for time
even the wind says this
we think of forever as novelty
and something only nearly endless
but finite just the same
the wind sees forever
as a new medium
as something a journey
in a light speed car might frame
as being stopped
on a highway at night

we are left wanting
the opening of portals
to appear as passengers
we reach for something to eat
on the hood looking up
at the stars taking to peeling
an orange we might share

the endocrine system is
the human body’s marvel
of chemical creationism
we think therefore we feel
we react, therefore a thought
hits the canvas and an outline is born
we are scared, enlightened, heightened
with senses on alert to run
or ring the bell, at the doorstep
of either side of euphoria
we are simply baskets
in the tides, undertaking
what is now an observation
made for re-creation
beyond simple synthesis
and lab procedures

here on Earth, large facilities
such as particle accelerators
are not the same as small faculties
in seas of white coats
everything seizes on chemicals
in the food chain
that can mimic
what interferons do

we think we might someday become able
to navigate the real and tiny black holes
the milliard gateways to hell and heaven
that lurk in every product that pushes
consumption for profit as ultimately what
can constitute real space time

each examination of all
that we can write down
and observe while holding our breath
will wait with us to hear
the last gasp ticking of a watch
that doesn’t at all, sound different
than the clicking of a death beetle
waking near Spring…

you told me having children
in a base community world
was just a way of delaying
the onset of my personal slavery…
not that I am incapable
of inspiring learning in children
which in and of itself might be
the last best pot of gold…
it is just that everything has a price
you said, even me

I reach for the open side of the fence  
in order to appear real narrow
two dimensions are the only bibles I read…
I would rather not speak or write again
to anyone if at all possible…
to hide out in the wilderness
in a ramshackle abode
finding myself unfit with despair
and tied to the cycles of trees
you say there are only cacti out there
and that they wear purpose too
as we all do
from seed to bone
and so on…

you said there is a reason
we use the dead and its decay
in the soil when planting
crops for the Spring…
humanity is very much
a copy cat species
the same sort of seed stock each
bleeding for a separate reality, it seems

guess you are right I said in return
there might just be too much observation
for a human divinity
too little hope placed inside
our faithless turns for color
for forms and a best intention
that windows to any world can promise us
as a redemption past the pane
I guess you are right
saying we are all hungry
that we might see more
if we just close our eyes
and eat that orange
like the Dawn
eats the night sky


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