February 18, 2013

in the corner of a circle...

the astrophysics of childhood

a mattress and box spring
might have fallen off
a Schrödinger's cat-movers
truck in the middle
of the desert stretching
through a winter’s night
they were still wrapped in plastic
when we came upon them

I said, remove the mattress tags first
eat everything before time has hands
crawl through the lattice of water
piss on the teeth of rakes
skim the eyes of windows when windy
look for viable physics
when remembering childhood
is ballast mostly
in a world of clocks

someday is just a wish
to permanently tune out
the ugly parts
to know vaudeville and
ten penny freak shows
are where Shakespeare
is at his best reflection
of the human condition

the highways from carriage and
curtain to speed and plastic certainty
bend intentions from something round
to the sharp edge of a trapeze
life in the thinnest possible margins
something observed as a gather
slow increments bunched
increasingly tighter
with more torque
ready to be spun into tales
the older we become

even the kingdom archaea
has a language all its own
their poems are heat and energy
left like ghosts
in a cytoplasmic streaming
of dreams through cellular machinery
we pay homage to the ways
we don’t always need the air
we breathe when taking a flight
of fancy or reprieve

we wish we dream we conceive
something beautiful inside us
something someday that needs
to be seen like the Nazca lines
something that is just another
poet’s poems in the limestone
another folded laminate
for the stars to see
we see them just fine
and not at all like tourists do



  1. Great imagery. A wonderful journey. Inventive phrasing.


    Mark Butkus

  2. Caught me with the Schrödinger's cat line :-)

  3. ha...we see them and not as some tourist might....true that...i think we all hope to leave a little something behind...def a cool read...and some great refs as well...

  4. I thought the second stanza was particularly sharp and crisp ~