February 5, 2013

I see you too...

naked vocal cord lunch (a peephole rant with a bebop background microphone check)

...serial streaming thin filtered spoken in tongues horn sections…Edward I say, this is often the way to play the instruments as they might have been meant to be played…I never said living was easy…I said it is filling in all the spaces between each breath that I find difficult…perhaps each time I read the news or listen plaintively to the word on the street that I should just be thankful and for the most part that I am a lucky man…that I have stocked food stores…clean water and relatively safe passage to and from places of employment (if and when I am employed that is) and a multitude of green spaces still rich and plenty enough to inspire the painters and poets…the pontiffs and the pundits hover with quarters at the quiet spy glass…they are just the strong arms of the politicians and corporate wonks, staying silent so all the lawyers can get the bad rap…most of us cannot be bothered enough to read what a good book actually says…what things like Constitutions mean if applied with blind eyes across the land…every hand in the dark has a pocket somewhere…legalese is an insult these days and society says the teachers are to blame for the way the entertainment value of for profit thinking creates a fuzzy logic that is the opaque educated haze we trade for the limited sight lines we are willing to live with…I may be the rabbit from ‘Watership Down’ screaming in mad rants about the bulldozers while distracting myself on occasion with the fineries of a woman’s backside, lost in her scent, in her captivation control…I would call this heaven but you see I am distracted from the original point of view which is to say we don’t read enough as a nation, elevating our graceful arcs into the eternities that Love provides…you can name Love anything you like…place it anywhere in the world and it will mean the same thing…I prefer animal names and places where midnight is suspended in savor but again I am distracted by the scent of a woman in controlled heat…yes, so while I am looking out a kitchen window at the latest version of today…a bright milk fed icy cloud sky veils the Sun in the kind of daylight that is part tremble, part folded closed and part hope with a slow heartbeat…Lupercalia nears like the licked side of a stamp affixed to a letter I never sent because I wanted to be stored in the quiet part of memory…this is one of those days where noise is swallowed by the machinery of mankind trying to find obfuscation on somebody’s D train…the platforms are filled with archetypes and even if one don’t fit you right ..we have extensions and lifts and cinches and a pinch between your cheek and gums…the many ghosts of tobacco leave a stained legacy wherever failed ideals of a we the people mentality cling to fences and exclusivity…no…I shouldn’t read the papers…or watch the news…listen to paranoid short wave radio…no I should just keep saying how it saddens me that humanity is a bad dream I cannot wake up from…yes I like baseball…love playing it…soccer too…golf as I get older because I sort of knew being a hermit was my best chance at living a long life…I don’t trust enough…I have doubt I ever will…though I hope and pray, like a lottery playing fool…I might someday evolve past a menial survival of the fittest routine and know that while I am cloaked in colloquial bark…my distrust of humanity is a killing vine…from just about any perspective…though this is not to say…I am right with any of this…by any means…it just means I need assistance in navigating the perils of a world that I no longer seem to fit in



  1. I don't have the words to praise this enough except to say that when I finished it I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and exhaled.

  2. most of us cannot be bothered enough to read what a good book actually says...or a poem for that matter, which is infinitely smaller...smiles...every hand has a pocket somewhere...ha....humanity is a bad dream at times...though i do enjoy baseball as well..ha...love hte wicked fast turn there...fun piece to read....

  3. I hope one day you can live and trust very well written http://gatelesspassage.com/2013/02/02/reflections/

  4. An interesting monologue. You cover a lot territory here! K.