February 7, 2013

a few rhyming captivities...

a king to castle hassle finds treason a sated marquee

I understand this kingdom
wanting to arrest me
it is a land’s paternal instinct
it’s algebraic webbing
it’s hooks and crooks and
the cuckolding of my humanity
into twenty black birds and
mince meat pie

the crown tells us
to single file our forms
past the draw bridged
heavy wooden doors
how many have come to die
how many have come
for the free food, after all
it is gallows Wednesday
the criers say

everyone is here
for eternities that lie
it is just like humanity
to only pretend it can fly
the signs say you can sign
the remittance papers and
file them near the moat
passage your destiny unhinged

this king prefers to use
the hot tar on us first
as it makes the removal
of skin that much easier
the guards say it is better
to feed us crackers
to keep us quiet or
choking while we slowly turn
on the spit and look
for answers in any piece
of the sky we can

yes, the tissue
between our digits
cannot be counted on
to save us now
as the water ring
around the castle
is toxic and hungry
for flesh too
the fitted stones
know the formula
between tamped fire and
hung tapestries
that whisper
in woven histories

slot arrow windows
narrow the focus
of the light
on our chains
as if we were all part
of a reversed dialed Sun
time is irrelevant I hear
the criers say, except
when it comes to being
the king’s dining hall
entertainment, today

EJR © 

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