January 5, 2013

damn right I like ice cream...

art by Sol LeWitt ‘Wall Drawing #289’ © / Whitney Museum of American Art

capitalize, punctuate, provide structure analysis to help a sentence crawl

language is a yoke
that says break me
in the slow hiss of the teapot
in a fiery temporary embrace
given way, to the pace
of drifted snow
each lace of wind
and undertow of time
is our eyes seeing
what we want
our noses deny nothing
for they are truly what
speaks the view
of our humanity
when we are alone

we graft words
we imprint ourselves in iron
we magnetize our emotions
in measured steps walked round  
a worn down tile floor
we hurriedly repeat
any circuitous motion
leaning faster trimming
articles of memories
into confederations of imagery

everything smells
as if we have been here before
as if mad bulb flower fantasies
are jarred and sealed 
just to be burst open
glassware doorways
hard shard liquid heavens 
arrangements of stems
fresh cut verbs, nouns, adjectives,
adverbs, articles, prepositions
and the declaratives of pop culture
filling on causational rusts
and pearled box-top surrenders
Saturday morning childhood dreams
cartoon-speak complete story lines
careen-arc lightning
into antagonized paper
modernity spending lives
through reticulated spy glass
gives a fast pass
of the rabbit hole
not meaning to return

we churn ideas
into burning vats of fat
learn more butter
greases waves wands us
a by-product appeal
turn us built brave faces
frenzied to perform the little rituals
like hailing taxis for more inspiration
or making wings to fly ice cream missions
one pick-up scoop of air at a time
one embark, one fine day
in the life a sentence on a sugar cone
that just wanted to be left alone
that just wanted to be this poem


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