January 5, 2013

an invitation of bass harmony and sub-audio sounds......

Art by Alex Schomburg © 

for the misty jungle unseen lives

crawl across my broken glass
and in a velvet surprise  
you will bleed petals
bloom these come-with-me(s)  

you say, let me
undress any hesitation
even a royal reservation
as the silk slip knot weave
I am capable of unleashing
unlocks the increasing
cage of your humanity
kept by chain and wire
more or less behaved

I linger on to listen
thinking but not saying
this is what I wanted all along
watching your slow pieces
in close-my-eyes algorithms
in Venetian masking baths
not knowing
how you see
but glowing with
 your eager lips
all over me 
as I, clutch 
art blind
can only
say more 
of you


1 comment:

  1. You know me and your last stanzas..this is a beauty, as is the whole piece x