December 18, 2012

poem 458 of a poem a day for 2012

art by David Ho ©

inside the gaze

I want to be forgotten
a forsaken unclean
I want you picking bones
leaving the air choked
with dust covered clocks
I want you to remember nothing
I want you to feel everything
I want you to know
each beat that time steals
every heart that is
a master of organs
every kind of flesh
that subverts the brain
I want you to know
insanity is the new civilized
that why is the new exhale
and I want you to know
I look for you in every new desire

I just want to be forgotten
taken to where mud is infinity
embraced in sleeves
a wrapped elliptical tease
a river metaphor of love
and cycled wean
I want you to know
every tomorrow will wait
because today is the only currency
we've got inside our pockets and palms

the voices inside me say serve
give what you can to inspire
burn metal into skin
and backdoor the hordes
say every lord misrules
for a purpose

you can give me
a title of jester
you can tell me things
I would never believe
I will always crawl for you
I will always call
the trumpets of want
I will always raze
every wall I can
save for the ones
I keep myself behind
for I may have been one day
a bird, a fish, a word
or a wish that was meant
to be confined
where memory
could never find me



  1. every tomorrow will wait
    because today is the only currency

    great lines...and listen to those voices inside telling you to is the way of life....

    i will raze every wall save the ones i keep myself behind...and interesting bit there as well...

  2. Your power should not be kept behind walls...raze the ones that keep you bound, and shine. Love you ♥

  3. so many excellent lines here. Strong write. Thanks