December 16, 2012

poem 457 of a poem a day for 2012

how I remember you

does time take life
or does life take time
do we manifest destiny
between happenstance
and environment
or do we lie back
and claw the words
from peddled skies
in urns and turns
from black and blue
to each cycle through
until leaned close enough
to smell each
whispered regale
the Universe places
upon our skin

let us question
the earnest weight of stars
for they know how death
dances better than most
elliptically blooming between
gravity and the aggregate mass
of chances taken versus
the tiniest of sensed strengths
sometimes, the last buds
of a rose remain closed
when Winter arrives
as some things you say
will always hold fast
to possibility instead
of listening to what
a silent smile says
when asked to sing
a sweet song again
remembering all
that has been


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