December 14, 2012

poem 455 of a poem a day for 2012

photo by Katherine Du Tiel ©

in a thirst for trees, the supermarkets use white light

I devour stars
tracing spine arms
into divine jars
scratching glow marks
onto an icy night
you out there
mr death 
you hear me beg
into the quiet
to be hanged
you can kill me
any time you want

I am merely a product
placed for sale
somewhere along
a river of shelves
and banner regards
am I wrong to want
something besides
the hot metal code
of an expiration date
do I belong
in a cold storage
or a shrink wrapped
portage as part
of an overdue life

I am not
what I used to be
when stardust fell
like pollen against
a backdrop
of silhouetted bodies

in the near urban desert
mourning my humanity
I too, am thirsty
losing my grip
on love and
what it means
to know peace
as something
not for sale


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