December 13, 2012

poem 454 of a poem a day for 2012

larcenous humanity is a held breath snow globe world gone awry

got to have it
got to kill it
slab it
topping lonely
to a Christmas tree
are you an angel
searching quiet places to pee
your name in the snow
I have no purity
left in my soul
just a hole
where the pain
goes in
behind glass

yes, I am sweet
I am clever
and in love
with rhythm
and rhyme
anyone can do this
write a list
of what we lash
ourselves to
choose a smile
hold it in

the slid light of Dawn
will wait with you
when water becomes 
what a ghost does
to inclusions in the ice

catch me breathing
where I am leaning
in the shadows
against a wall
or a window
desiring everything
I cannot have for free

when you steal from me
steal quickly
what you can
and if you dare
steal from me
again and again
dial each bend
each paid free will
I’ll send to errand
chaos into hope
no one pays attention
to dreamers anymore
no one can afford to
got to keep moving
keep holding our breath
when someone
who lives to burn
comes along

so yes, steal from me
while your hands are still
inside the freight of the wind
steal from me
until your name
is something you hear
when you only say it to yourself
or when you are looking
for quiet places to pee in the snow
whispering words 
herding memory and tides
with waves full of the faces
catching those glimpses
where every part of you
might have been born
scratching velvet straw with stars


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