December 1, 2012

poem 438 of a poem a day for 2012

reading the bible

growing up
I read the bible
trying to find
those pulse points
between my humanity
and my divinity
especially, in the
old testament
with its ample breasts
and hearty grains
was sexy
in maternal gain
garnered at the end
of a spear,
shield and cup
reading between
the lines
I was always
trying to see
whether or not
there were intersects
to dive into or
divides to overcome
whether or not
there were parallels
to a now or
just places
to hide the past

each piece
of time spent
is a curl
or whisper
like last night was
when Winter arrived
finally December
as the wheel
pays homage
and remembers
the lance lattice
cycle of water
its tide royal
with keys
to every kingdom
and a loyal sense
of gravity like me
going down
to bleed your sky
trying exit wings
with a bible high
in your exhale’s glisten
tinder bell nipples
say rise with us
for we are wise
beyond the words
and silver
of white-bearded men
thus, one only
has to let go
and be like water
to rain to snow
to ice to the steam
of a moment
becoming a memory
of going down
reading you
like some fantasy
coming true
that I once had
while growing up
reading the bible


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