November 30, 2012

poem 437 of a poem a day for 2012

cavity searching gold leaf foil and fear at the mall

we seek passage
into wombs
of all kinds
when Winter
does arrive
a worn warm glow
of memory burns
easy streets
into a commodity
into shark hustles
into parking lot spots
stopping you
with clenched fists
and swiveled heads
yes, you were
driving the wrong way
into empty asphalt
the painted lines
only tell part
of your story
the lurid synapses
at the smoky entrances
are beckoning
your adrenalin to crest

my eyes say
we all seek
harbor in trees
safe passage
in packages
we all mean
to trim our limbs
of want
we all resolve
to stop
accumulating things
instead of feelings
but I can't stop
hearing whispers
and shame
vesper at my dried
stored hope
I dare not to find
so exposed
threatening my safe
and buried life


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