November 28, 2012

poem 432 of a poem a day for 2012

art by Santiago Caruso ©

playing earthen taxes as a lottery for the mentally deranged

across the great cradle
like a red bloom upon the sea
the fanged bottomless hunger
for commodity
for parsed, pieced humanity
drives the hone of wind
in these mechanized digital overlays
of a vast and sweeping organism
mankind, has yet to comprehend
how does it all work
as a need to bleed control
rings out beneath 
everything we do

particle physics can’t tell you
holy books only lead you
to draw your own conclusion
and that is only if you
can steer clear
of the dogmatic jaws
known as churches,
mosques and synagogues

are we boiling, simmering
to the great bubble and spit
the spun so fast that this is it
who are we America
what do we represent
when the electricity
demands a passage
from our hands
back to the clouds again
what we will know
in the dark wombs of Winter
what will we see
when our eyes have surrendered
to the nosed truth we all possess

all these oracles
telling us what’s best
is it about the frenzy
is it about how many bends
can we see
to our core
before we break
outside of infinity
you see, I am
not sure of anything, either
but I got my tickets
in hand, just in case
time calls out
all my numbers


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