November 27, 2012

poem 431 of a poem a day for 2012

painting by John Lurie ©

my insanity has become a dance party corrosion

I know the bucket holes are osmosis
but what of the tricked up fantails
along the chrome edge
of my polished painted soul
where rusted steel
meets the glass ride
Cinderella is not the only one
with an expiration date
I too, have my own midnight
and it seems it is the only
unzipped part of each day’s birth
and turn toward dawn
am I better without a heart
or an angel watching
over any part of me
am I better in backwater, bent
has heaven lent itself
a twisted insistence
has heaven meant for me
to gaze up at faded peeling ceilings
with the rain coming in
I can’t help but to want to beat
the devil at every game I can
interested in the hordes
of sycophants and the Persian rugs
every hermit wants the lighting dim
and the décor awash in the color
of burning wood
what better way, I say
to challenge my senses
what better way to overcome 
lockstep emotionless states
than by crawling in the dark
the feel of ash
and the smell of soot
everywhere, I dig into

crying is a game too
but one, I only play by myself
like every masturbatory
fantasy wavelength adjustment
I am a genius here
I stroke or peddle
I base everything
on causal chemistry
when the wind is rife with pheromones
and has little hooks catching
just the right amount of skin
to cull my humanity past bait
and into a meal
and whether it seems be
for any of you or someone else
I haven’t invented yet
it is always the manna that I want
this taste of redemption
the sweet-spill-sugar-blooms
blood allows me to sharpen
my resolve against time with
and even if I know not to fill
completely on pleasure
I try with each poem
to linger as desire might
for more of something that is
just outside the reach of reason



  1. I too, have my own midnight
    and it seems it is the only
    unzipped part of each day’s birth....really great line that....the crying being self masturbratory as well....the longing though for something just out of the reach of reason is palpable though...

  2. Yes the midnight line is just great. I also like the lock-step emotionless states. You have captured "caught". k.