October 28, 2012

poem 406 of a poem a day for 2012

a nice Côtes du Rhône with dinner

perhaps, it is
the little pieces
of Sun
that day
when its gold
was molecular thin
and its daylight
stretched hilltops
waiting to pull
down the shade

perhaps, it is
that day
right here
in my glass
swirling bouquets and
sweet aromatic captures
long sugar intimacy  
spun just the right way
on earnest vines

we even know
when mindful
of the paths
of our feasts
and drinks
that we are
ever climbing
clocks, stars,
storms and Earth
so we might savor
every infinity
we open ourselves to
before accepting
the rhythms
of our own mortality
in the quiet
of a moment
that tastes like
stopped time


1 comment:

  1. What a delicious little moment perfectly captured with just the right combination of joy, wit, reflections and a dash of intimacy... Brilliant!!