October 14, 2012

poem 375 of a poem a day for 2012

Artemis and Hippolytus

in gray sky
iris reflections
I cult worship
decoupage rituals
and fire 
as second skin

my hero mask
is cut-outs
from magazines
I use rubber glue
in a brown bottle
to keep it together
with its angled applicator
that I loved to let drip
and huff on
when I was young

I sharpen myself
against metal
scissoring pieces
of faces I wanted
to steal, to lace
to turn, to leverage
to trace, to chalk
the lines

pinching together 
my loose ends
I grind
the torn boundaries
of each razor-ed slice
I clean and sweep 
and whatever falls 
to the baseboards
I pan myself with it 
to put away

angel graces 
are places
stitches ain’t
and I pray
that this 
is the way
like a junky 
at Halloween
hitting it big 
in a basket
left in the reeds

sugar sweet beat me
weather wear me
thin slid seals
wax poured wicking
the burn
to trim time
as I ask myself
when this dries
will I still remember
how to see myself
without it 
always on


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