October 8, 2012

poem 370 of a poem a day for 2012

 reading the scroll of my noble ruby Damascus

sea port a thousand years ago
sea pines gnarl-ing bark
against the wind
folding time's reach
through sin and
the glory of every tale I tell
of me in huddled masses
bedding down for the night
looking up to the stars
to give ourselves
maps through the black fabric
knifed with their dead light
I call them stars still
their rippled waves and mass elections
of impotency and no appliances
I am not the valance of my defiance
I am raw steel wading through the ecstasy of numb
I am one who wants to feel what taking skin and bone
from word to tome can deliver to rust
I am one who wants to see himself beyond reclamation
I am one who wants to know answers
that end with shrouded silences
I am the wrapped body of what I used to be
I want to be laid with cedar
with amber burning in pots nearby
I am manically depressed
my brain can't handle
what my soul has undressed
so I fail when it comes to being a success
but you reading this may already know that
and give me over to wooden dummy placation
so close my mouth
there are no hands behind the curtain
there are only lies left to find a truth
that wants nothing to be certain
so give me back to the ancient tides
wash my body three times
and burn my memory beyond recognition
you out there who know what joy is
cup me with words
as a poet might say to you
bind me with the chains
that thinning desire brings 
claim me as yours
when the torch of refutation
can validate your parking fee
do not acknowledge anything to do with me
and you will find
that I am lost again
without a body
without a prayer
without food in the cupboard
without clothes that bear me
a style in the seas of conformity
I am without reserve an undone
a wasted wine
a man who has had his time come
and now just wants you
to see him say goodbye


1 comment:

  1. I read you everyday. My little corner of salvation from the insanity they call life. My soul's resonant familiarity with your poetry is multidimensional, and for myself this is in symphonic harmony to my ever seeking search beyond the limits others say I should not dare cross over. What is the soul's purpose here on Earth if not reaching the boundless and bringing it back to be gifted to those we love? As always, I look forward to reading you tomorrow.