October 8, 2012

poem 369 of a poem a day for 2012

a fire fit to you, in an instant you had my world burning
(for the Goddess)

in the fast fall
of Winter's approach
nearing a frozen
and frigid
rigid adherence
of the soft ghosts
and echoes of Spring
into Summer
I find myself
surrendering with them
and their Autumn caravans
decked out
in the lattice halls
of water

the quiet is inviting me
to bend low and listen
to empty myself of thoughts
to open tombs to nest again

it is October
and the windows for sure
are decorated with lanterns
and laughter to come
the slow glow of eyes
that catch me undone
as I am drinking
from your cup of trembling joy

it is as if a single moment
in my lifetime can be 
this strung pearled bell
can be felt just as it is needed
to cinch the belt tighter
around why I have come
crawling for all of you

that I may know
in a perfectly distilled potency
of my life that I do believe
in higher powers
that I do believe
in a continuum flow through
that courage to move mountains
of denial to traverse time

that I know what your smile
in the dark can do for me
without need for a candle
or lighthouse burning
that I can see
being with you
can sing to me
what has grown
from my yearning
to be loved too


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