September 22, 2012

poem 337 of a poem a day for 2012

the American dream is a dead prop of predatory banking practices

stale popcorn reheated fresh
instant burn retreated the alpha wave assembly lines
are behind the convenient stores churning out
brightly colored plastic packaged corn syrup products
that are secret mind control maps
soylent green is the flag of fear subliminally escorted
in neon come-ons but we still ask the homeless
how near to desiccation our humanity might be
no more eye to eye or mouth to mouth
can save the man in my mirror
the barker says step closer pull the lever
and the curtain closes as we always vote for noses
in secret because what we see is all lies
and what we smell no matter how much perfume is applied
still smells like shit or some other torture of the senses
give me dark loam, pine needle groves and the tannins that bleed
give me the strength to say no when it comes to going somewhere
against my will even if it is to the kitchen again
22 letters in the language of want
as we only need one vowel and that is an “ I “ so please stop
the charade of understanding dissectional direction
and its shadow games on the floor
we want some part of control
just to free our will and be a forever more
as the cost of living increases while the quality of life decreases
we fight for crumbs until the end so tell me not to scream
and I’ll grab a megaphone 
tell me to keep my views to myself
and I’ll remind you to let freedom ring
even if you say that liberty bell was as cracked as my mind
and its metal as junked as my veins
tell me something that makes logic sexy enough to a man insane
so that I may know an answer beyond the ruse
I have no use for anything but laughter these days
and if it means chaining myself to the peanut machine
and hand cutting the grass to boil into oil for fuel then so be it

soon enough the ice caps will be gone
and only the clouds and rain will remain
but the cancers can still find you anyway
as they say pay attention we explain this on TV
they tell us to stay indoors watch us watch you more
they tell us it’s easier to buy online
and they tell us to horde it all
but I remember to save nothing worth keeping like the soul
I found myself with when back to step one
on the assembly line parading for pardons and anti-social acceptance
because the clerk doesn’t speak English but then again neither do I
so silence is the tuning key at the banquet of American kings
as I am delivered from evil in every song I sing
huddled around barrel fires burning out-dated Twinkies for freedom again
while the banks are waiting all suckle pretty and vicious
don’t dismiss us they rattle in prattle glory
the story is always the same we own the legislative bodies
and fill them electrically and we get remanded and you pay our legal fees
so while we have already submitted for restitution of your platelets
cutting all we can from the taxpaying body farms
you may take a different name
but you’ll find us waiting just the same
we will whisper we’re here too just lift the veneers
and see the rot beneath the intention of settlements
these aren’t your Plymouths or Jamestowns
these are more like Jonestown
where the kool-aid is mandatory currencies
backed by the dollar and as the gold is stolen
and prices suppressed enough 
it can make a pacifist go
and get guns out from a locked chest
bullets and bones, ballots and tomes
no home for the wicked can be razed by man’s goodness alone
anywhere my indentured soul digs finds me a hole
and buries me so I can wait and see
what happens as I spread myself divinity-thin
in single molecular sheet electrons riding on the wind
and occasionally gluing a femur or two
to stand for awhile and enjoy the view
in the spaces where dreams go and get clothed
to ward against exposure
closure and the denial of entry
where a heart can make a home
where part of me just wants to sleep
with something more quiet than a paper blanket
that has written on it all the words of this poem


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