September 19, 2012

poem 332 of a poem a day for 2012

take to the words

herd them
corral their intentions
bend them
iron them against
the anvil of your mind
hammer them
with your heart striking
what matters
scatter them
into the electrons
of the tombstone circus parades
masquerading as life itself

do you hear me
I say
are your whispers
in the newsprint again
or am I reading
between too many lines
the hurry of ignorance
is outside the glass
it reminds me
that every sleeping beauty
might be right
in keeping
her eyes closed

we are princes
and princesses
waiting for the crowns
with no flowing gowns
and balls to be late for
just rabbit hole
after rabbit hole
and those muddy soles
we leap with

falling is flying
you say
the Earth is a wobble axis away
from cleansing itself
from the plague
of industrialized humanity
so why not cry out loud
and be proud of trying
a different path to Heaven

so when the bread
of communion
is on the counter
and is warm and waiting
for your hands
to hold it
by an end
tear off a piece
to connect yourself again
to where it all started
seed to bleed
and back through
the sewn on buttons
the fastened zips
the little clasps
that grasp your meaning
before you say anything
outside of that smile
you wear
when wanting
nothing more
than now


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