September 6, 2012

poem 309 of a poem a day for 2012

the tyranny of ice cream trucks

serenade me with closed shades
and the hushed velvet
I wrap myself with today
with drawn curtained quiet raining
let me explain
the first day of school
as something other than
a selfish wonderful
and all I would be doing
is thumbing through
the dictionary for ways
to lie to you about it

no getting around
the peace of September
with its odd tropical reaches
and the tannin deaths of leaves
breaching the cool cling of moisture
along the burning and bleeding
heavy yellowed skin tufting itself
under the lengthening nights

no I don’t mind saying
yes it’s quiet now
and the katydids
have lowered themselves
from the tops of trees
and into the seed-headed rapture
of the tall grass weeping
in a steep luxuriously slow decline

these insects know
to bow the orchestral clock of wind
for the great wheel’s turn
at the entirety of the southern edges
of the northern forests
is emptying its souls
in order to dye itself
in the color of wombs again

deep dark lust
wanting roots
dreaming in thin fiber strengths
and the very thought
of being inside someone
willing their bones
into the electricity

we will mine the keys with strings
and all the intricate carves
that gravity rings out
in a swollen belly repose
steaming the kitchen windows
with something bubbling
and spitting on the hearth


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