August 2, 2012

poem 257 of a poem a day for 2012

I’m your packaged gum

afraid of being leads
to adaptive skin
reflective shine
camouflaged eyes
chained to peanut machines
and one trick rat maze reward systems
this is why I keep all
my fattening quick witted clever
with so many hats on
it has made me 
stark raving mad
a lunatic driven fire
burning every edge
of reason I can
before I realize
how many people
cut themselves looking in

I race with matches
pouring the gasoline
of language manipulation
in a spoken, written limber
of the velvet silences
that wade the tides
near the pounce of more please
may I just have more

No, I don’t think
I’m a good poet
just an incorrigible one
a lover of chaos
laughing at myself
until the crowd wanes
and the empty finds me
crying to be not
so afraid to be understood

so I seek every kind
of nurturing lust I can
to feed my mind
figuring my body
was meant to abused
by madness and
the assuredness
of words that protect
the fast half-life 
of my heart

as my soul steals away
in cryptic surreal imagery
no one has an easy time
wanting me past
the flavor of that
first chew



  1. Love this and especially the fourth stanza. Thank you Edward x

  2. You practically wrote [No Strings] Thank you...I love watching the red and green of me and you ~~~ cause crashes. xo

  3. Love this so much mutual feeling shared...