August 1, 2012

poem 256 of a poem a day for 2012

dreams don’t need punctuation (a prose-y poem)

looking out the plane’s windows
I could see we were flying into thunder clouds
lightning arced from angry billow
to angry billow in a sea of gray roil
the captain came on the cabin speakers
and said we would be going through evasive maneuvers
and that we had better buckle up our lives
and from that point on we began to climb
and dive and lift and turn away from Newton’s laws
engine screaming, rivet clawing an emergency landing
and repairs in a warm clime  

between the hotel and the terminal
I realized that I had bonded
with the passengers immediately around me
as we were still sitting grouped together
in some sort of soft bubbled, comforted cage
walking through the terminal
in this land of dark skin people
with salt in their expressions
someone passed to me a capuchin monkey
which perched on my shoulder
and pined for treats

as we made our way to the hotel rooms
we passed a variety of little vignettes
as if someone had gutted open a television
and the entirety of its late night content spilled out
the elevators in the lobby were jammed
and I decided to defer to the next one
as I let other passengers and guests use them before me
when my turn came I smiled at the monkey
petting my ear as it was smiling back at me
as I was almost forgetting what floor my room was on
when the elevator doors opened
I heard screaming down the hall
where tall windows drove the light into us
this passenger had hurtled herself
through the window thirty floors up
yelling that glass towers couldn’t hold Heaven
and every sound became a warbled frozen thing
and we looked out at the jagged glass
and felt the wind and at last we knew
to say goodbye because our plane
hadn’t really landed here
as we were only dreaming
we were still alive…



  1. Replies
    1. and that dream woke me up at 5 am to write its bones down so I could work on it today...gratitude for a world with you and your eyes in it...Edward