July 27, 2012

poem 252 of a poem a day for 2012

a private reading

open mics are
for all the better poets
I say, looking at the grass
out the window
begging for the rain
the way I beg
for you to nurture me
I’m too shy
to believe I could be
someone else’s Sun

corpuscle blues
lingering pondered
hand on my chin
fondling my personality
as indecision
as a divine
permanent pause 

what do I want
besides sex I ask
is that the question

yes she says
I don’t know, I say
and at this point
I ‘m not sure
I even want to know
what happy is
and she laughs

give me your
other hand, she says
and she ties it
to the other bedpost
with another scarf
she had tucked
between her smiles

now your arms
are open wide and
you can’t hide from me
so why don’t you
just sing those
elemental songs
you know so well
just a bit more
for me please
while I find
where every
part of you
needs to be
inside me


1 comment:

  1. Splaying someone wide so they can receive happiness is a most difficult thing to do, for both x Lovely writing.