July 21, 2012

poem 244 of a poem a day for 2012

velvet Elvis and your boom boom light show

I am a broken down steed
I am bleeding in the cut quiet
aural wake of my material desire
I am dissolving my will
out along the avenues of America
with its yellow chrome sodium sadness
street-lighting higher purpose
with a lower regard for accountability
I am a poet who corners attention with fire
lobbing paint onto the shells
of brick buildings in slow erode
I am all hand grenades
and rock star charades
I am a parade of the fool
and I steal sage to brush your Moon with
I am that charcoal burning incense
in the corner of the room when
I ask if you would like something
more from me and you just smile
in a dark fertile bloom and shimmy a bit
in a language of blinks and slight nods
in something that my DNA
knows to give in to
knows to hold onto
knows that this is a feast of reparations
knows that this is what I need
to see, hear, touch, taste and smell
what completes elation
in the soft ripes of
the near dark



  1. As always, beautifully dark and deep. Last four lines especially.

    1. a sweet, sweet thank you...for always taking the time to read my scribbled rants racing the tides in wet sand...Edward