July 20, 2012

poem 243 of a poem a day for 2012

fueling time

I barely watched the layers of Sun
slide through the trees
so heavily scented with wanting you
all I think about
is painting myself
with you in these words 
on my knees
peeling my hands
into the vine of your hips
I smile and ease you back
blink that I am your
baby in the reeds
as I watch you dip
I know what power
you wield over me
by listening
for elements of command
in your exhale
in the folded wells
we drink from when
the new Moon is nearing

almost mid-summer
and each candle I’ve lit
handles the shadows
on your skin
a little different angle
reached upon all of
our beauty when we sin
an open window
is begging
for more moans
in the billows
of the curtains
the only certain part
of the triangle of sate
is that smile
between a breath
and its anticipation
when the geometry
of a soul
completes itself
in the pauses
in each pulse-writhe
that mirrors what our memory
can capture with our nose

I close my eyes here
tendril-ing the familiar
in the ribbons
of your movement
that seem to echo the tides
of oceans and our bones
we tie ourselves
to the call of water to rain
where we bathe our dreams
in ancient languages
this is the song
that surrendering sings
these are the words
written in the pollen-heavy
dark egg fields of possibility
that grow unfettered
when abandon and lust bloom

madness is like any other liquid
it finds our lowest point and
carves a line of no return
this is where my thin edge is
this is where I am all spill
with no provision
this is the velvet forest
of my thoughts
before I slow down
to cup your scented-spin
moving through leaves
as if the trees exhale
in ultra-slow motion and
we get a chance
to magic-eye the entrances
to sew the spaces between
you and I
and how time
can be stopped

necking clocks
hands pulling
on your shoulders
I bite
I think out loud
I think I hear you say
to me arching and
uncoiling your body
that this moment
is a poem

I think I hear you say
tongue the gravity
of my bones
one vertebrae
at a time
and that mirror
over there and
those candles and
this thick soft rug
are what rabbits use
to find all the ways
around fences


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