July 17, 2012

poem 240 of a poem a day for 2012

no poster is needed to know She is a reward coming

I am what is wanted of me
I am a suckle desire
I am searching for an ample kingdom
with a crown of surrender
and my will to bend her
cupping what the blades
in her eyes pour forth
checking for rain in
the rhythm-pulse of crickets
and air conditioning
humming with
the sounds of wishing
like I am right now

the quiet
past midnight
is velvet
is exploding
pocketing dreams
with a sleight of hand
with an absolution of skin
where the soul get sin in
time and time again

the night is
in steam
in tongues
in the fast clutch of bed sheets
hoping the fan is loud enough
to cover the moaning
like dew on the grass
waiting for morning

I slide between dimensions
mention how much I want
to keep pleasing
how much I want
to keep easing
you somewhere
between the hunger
of a prowl and
the tactile math
of my slow deliberate fingers
squeezing kisses
climbing to where
Love might escape
to find words to harvest
what wanting you means
outside the warm incidentals
of accidental gardens
where vines of memory
meet silence
and you stain
the engine of my heart
in the languages 
of pollen carried 
on the wind

and you speak to me
in little whispers
that say 
climb here slowly
take my smile first
it is enough 
for you to know
how much I want
to be wanted here, too


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