July 14, 2012

poem 236 of a poem a day for 2012

scattering mayfly desire for the Goddess

I imagine
that it would be easy
to cry in your arms
letting go of looking
for light in my dark refuge
inside my imagination
seeking comfort
in looking so inside
that ever smaller
is all I chase
myself to be
not seen
so instead I paint infinities
onto molecular cages
clever bell-hopping words
that bend the rules
to slow the erode
of my humanity
it would easy
to say hey 
let me please you
this way and that way
but Love knows
what happens
truly in the dark
says wait a minute
take a chance
choose something
for yourself and fall

do I want your fingers
stretching out
raking an algebra
of tease and burn
onto the ease
of my surrender

of course I do
what soul wouldn’t

do I want to feel
the clutch-maps
your warm scent
instills upon my motives
do I want
to hear the sirens
of abandon
in our exhales
in the writhe
of tongues
and limbs


do I want to know
how complete my will
bows to the thought
of pulling back
on your shoulders
driving time
to each edge
of the abyss
I seek in you
without a name
without any reason
except for finding
pearled sand of taken chances
pressing up against the glass
with my nose
my tongue and
an arch howl tearing
at the fabric of space
between you and me
right now
warm-tendril-kiting the wind
haze-bellying the stars

do I want to see your face
while you take control
of the wheel’s pace


do I want to linger
in the swirls of steam
trying to find
an open window
to catch the gloaming
roaming like my thoughts do
when I want you
to undress my soul
unzip reason
from its three dimensions
when I want you
to know every pulse
every death of the stars
every bit of tonight
is yours


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