July 14, 2012

poem 235 of a poem a day for 2012

post-industrial kool-aid fences for what

fast blurring
the lines of talking
small circled fire
in the dark
smelling the melt
everything is too
fast for me to discern
with letters or grammar
so I go for feeling
in the ghost agonies
of thundered humanity
I go for big what ifs
only to be dragged
by horses through the streets
this is how time paves me
with the echoes of memory
the pauses to the pain I admit to
the reign of the why
that defines me and begins
my gesticulations
my articulations
my salvations
my ambulatory trickery
my learning from the wind
and the shadow realm language
of separating the light
and dark components
of the soul here in the West

my dreams are not safe anymore
all the women and children suffer first
hold the line with trembled hopes
while the agonies cause
the trees to bark with anger
as my frayed senses
watch the nests
divide reality with sulfur
taking yellow from the rain
disillusioned with time
and alluding to the tiniest infinities
with an incremental aging process
that leaps seasons
with buttered reasons
as my skin begins
to brown with the Sun

I have embraced
my inner magnetism
as I realize polarity
is a processing disorder
every brain is an ache petal bloom
fighting the fences that
blight us with a stolen heavy metal logic
that is looming itself into built devices
that is sold as vice-lord protection
that is actually inspection
that is deep intention 
to blow things up
into smithereens

so we might be falling
under the spell
of museum quality glass
we might be housing ourselves
where we might be seen
somewhere in outer space
we might have admission costs
that says here we are
because this race lost
as the dogs were always
at the ready
to take our places
with what a smile paces
fast asleep
in water
with our fears
always steering 
always cutting 
to dig for something more
than we might be able to pay for
with every turn of the wheel


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