July 5, 2012

poem 216 of a poem a day for 2012

amassed low-tided-quick-footedness

suckle feeding
on the wet skim
of belly-laughter
I am trying to pick up
all the pennies on my paces
stepping over the cracks
along the sidewalk
trying to slot a chance
onto each one
like coins on a string
in a song placing
metal with gravity
I am turning the knobs
finding wishing hard
not to do

all the fountains are
every moment
you toss your hat with
wanting more
disregarding the comfort
of your cage
for a serial-smiled
commute into what if

today is Emancipation Day
in New York
though for most of us
it is just July 5th
just another firth
birthing the reaches
between desire and duty
along the lapped lands
of the body of Summer
with oceans of hunger
on Her mind and
the poignant smell
of gasoline exhaust
and vanilla soft-serve
swirling together
under a climbing Sun

the scattered paper bones
of fireworks are everywhere
ghost echoing big bang theories
in the way near memory
is a tactile loose weave
like running nude
with tiny god-particled-

my fingers basket-rake
the wet sand of this morning
reading and eating
the tea leaves
as it is leaving
its moorings to noon again
and the bend of another
high tide coming in
and the collection plate
covering all my loose ends


1 comment:

  1. Killer last stanza...but you know by now, how I feel about your closing stanzas :-) x