July 4, 2012

poem 215 of a poem a day for 2012

hot apple knowledge shrouds conversations

in shadow puppet decisions
that are merely survival
we play the drums
we slow fang
what the crust
of mountains catch
when reeling in the Sun
at the end of a day

four times July
bullets and rockets
one can reach beyond
one can breach and abscond
cheat code, outside the equation 
figure out wobble orbit sanity

what is on TV
is it soothing
does it make me forget
I am spun-too fast
to hold on

each firework bangs out
another moment humanity
can explode in
another lit fuse
and let go
for the skeletal memory
of magnetism
the paths of surrender
the iron
the cupping fire
and the blades
tilling the tides
not trying to remember
anything but feeling
the imbibe
the slow theft of reason
blood to body
soul to bone
wax sealed
paper-lantering dream-ways

a smile is
a kitchen soup simmering
thoughts brimming
hung on the clouds
slipping between
the thick boughs
of the maples
in velvet salute
we become the lightning
craning our necks
to look beyond
the shores of time
to sing of our
mastery over fire

the animal in each of us
celebrates the sate
of desire’s absolution
telling the nose
to go get the eyes
and run towards madness
and the abyss
and for you all
to jump in and
swim on through

etching yourself
in early
stop-motion photography
carousal sticking pictures
where words will be found
drinking from wet clay
waiting, for you
to find them
wanting a name


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