July 1, 2012

poem 207 of a poem a day for 2012

 "New Hope Alley " a work by Richard Pasquarelli (c)

all aboard the right train

(so many miles of railroad tracks and so few passengers)

we as a nation drive consumption
pedal to the metal
and it is our divine providence
or so the teachings go

this land is your land
this land is my land
so let’s go muddy
the waters overseas again
fuel the eager mouths of more
make the doors wider
the serving sizes bigger
the dress sizes smaller
feed the cows more corn
starve the wolves
breed sharks into viruses
as we zombify
entire generations with TV
so that there is no veneration
as a normative
cause of action here

for instance, in the ramparts
of a swelter, a storm raced
and knocked down the doors
and trees and electricity
giving no shelter
in the DC metro area

the poor folks there
don’t get the same response
as other areas in the nation
but then again
we kill women and children
on a daily basis
in the name of national security
on distant shores so what’s
a little discomforted heat
to go along with disembodied
souls on the streets
filled with the grace
of our humanity whored

Congress is out of town
and I bet they’re all as cool
as a cucumber or whatever
is served on their always-filled tables
I bet they don’t fret
about what DC gets
because it’s not their constituency
it’s not their problem
you see America is always
the dirty little secret
the wannabe Rome
the under-reported story
the plutocracy’s home
the relative that nobody
wants to talk about
while misremembering
their every word
and culling
their every emotion
that we may
someday understand

this land is not my land
this land is not your land
this land was only made
for you and me to bleed
a usefulness to the pyramid scheme
with blinders on and the label police
stationed to stave off logic
and truthfulness when it comes
to trying to find what Love can truly do
you see in America
even if that Nazarene
were here today
we’d just say
we’d crucify him
on pay per view
say that he was crazy
inciting riots
with what he knew


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