June 30, 2012

poem 206 of a poem a day for 2012

trample speed
it only takes thirty seconds of memory before I start thinking about having sex with you

hurry scurry flurry
indeed the whistled past
grave-yarded and shard-ed
my life out of balance
I am hanging gardens
in the crows’ nests
in way laid stations
partitioning the water
in the rain
not much needs
explaining when the Sun
finally goes down
on the horizon
in the quick-silvered
slivered tongue shadow
of every conversation
there is a sway
to this day
as the evaporative cool  
of the near evening
unwraps the clenched
wet clay of too hot  
too electronic
too much to say
about the weather
whether a splashed
fool in a pool
with smiled drool
or a sweat building
idle in traffic
the groceries are sweating too
and all I want is for you
to pour ice all over me
slow grace me
with the shade of infinity
in a right red shimmer
with the caught glow
of the last light of June
burning ghost moans
in the contrails high above
the catch basin skies
wading the salts of a
sensual soft cotton humanity
and all before
the light turns green
you should have seen
your smile uprooting trees


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