June 13, 2012

poem 186 of a poem a day for 2012

the marrow sunshine of desire that is the America dream

rain clouds elongate the tides
to the sky to ride the dust up high
and then wait and watch
gravity thin hesitation
to begin a few light showers
and then a deluge
in warm southern breezes

we ease into rubber
coated everything
and remark
how wet it is out there
weather conversation, spikes
near all the depots
of rusted mechanical yearn
every capture of it
sold in the general stores
and taught as taut
thought in the schools

I am wired
for sound with
the brown-bean-cheap-cup-
of-joe-fed ritual
we are born into in America
I find the ample fluidity
of human soul harder to come by
this world to me
it seems, is almost stretched
beyond capacity
but on some level I think
we must all know this
each time we lock eyes
with a stranger
are we not alive
in the fired glimpses
of passing glances
we must, I think
understand for that millisecond
that we have a connectivity
to a scatter frenzy
collective consciousness

but I might
just be rambling
about bliss being corner hawked
in the black market raw reality
that is the white cell vengeance
of pyramid speculative capitalism
upon the ancient soul of agrarian culture
while I imagine all my infinities
in the screen-shot-paint
of the limitless sky-poems
that I write for myself
that I graffiti onto all 
the brick and concrete facades
that freedom doesn’t want me to see
as I live here
amidst all the disguises
that become 
the American 
dream sometimes

I wonder in fantasy
in chalk figurines
that if, all you can see
is one small tree
is it possible
that you might not
ever notice the entirety
of the forest being cut down

for instance, the Amazon
is being mowed down
to graze more farts on four legs
so we can rapaciously eat
our way to a juicy steak oblivion
or the comfort cage
of a hamburger and fries
I myself, enjoy both of those
but I am just saying
should they be staples
that have us praying
we drink enough red wine
to drive home hope
that we survive our indulgences
being behind the turning of the wheel


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