June 12, 2012

poem 185 of a poem a day for 2012

undertaking humanity

I am reading the news  
the no hope blues
broadcast here
the wheelmen snooze
forge the swords
to secure the doors
to evolution spirit dwellers
fleshed mechanicals
bi-pedal flowers
without the soul component
to grow in cages
while nature rages
in the sanctuary of televisions
blinding the outsides of windows

we fit justice as a what is
and will be after we seem
to be ever-finishing wiping our feet
with the rich beauty
of never-waking or walking
we are just talking heads
we delve into these little boxes
wires and screens
the careens from the smell of things
we are over eager to please
for accolades instead of accomplishments
but not to be too bent

we’ve sent men to the Moon
only to plant flags of ownership
of a lover we forgot to foreplay with
or maybe we didn’t forget
so much as didn’t get
the slow sumptuous build up
a divinity in Love needs
no we dig trenches
weight benches for muscled
short rooted crops
that are a constant thirsty brood
instead of finding seasonal food
that gives us what the land has meant
to offer without science leaping ahead
of the unquantifiable story of Jack’s beanstalk
no goose can lay the golden eggs forever
and we just might be taking
our last roll in the heather

trees of knowledge be damned
the ego is sold in fruit and vegetable stands
they say eat me instead and speed ahead
to where your limbs are no longer needed
as we will soon perfect
the wired for sound of
the disembodied head
that can just play fantasy games
with the rendering of an absolute
each player has infinite lives in here
and a short shelf life everywhere else
banished to the next shelf
fitted with boxes of locks 

you see Pandora knew 
as did Hypathia
and the others like them
that gave humanity knowledge
to understand itself as part of something
that cannot be conquered
by any part of the whole
so that we just might keep
more than hope in this hole
we are digging trying to spy
any Heaven in the black
we can steal
for a bit more light
in this ever bright
dark world of ours


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