May 11, 2012

poem 155 of a poem a day for 2012

one play. many parts of you and I

it's not just that I linger in the tides
it's that I welcome the abandon
that comes with what I can handle as
a purely blind love
and every part that pleases you
with each part of you
with each part of me
like actors in a play
parts for our souls to gather
parts for our bodies that
just want to feel wrapped in
every pulse tide we can crawl in
everywhere we can dig fingers in
every place we can feel 
an audience one on one
with the parts we want to be able
to get as perfectly imperfect as we can
without leaving our souls
without a body to partner
when practicing the howls of delight
every day like the birds do
when they sing in the dark
as they know the value
of letting go inside
something else
pulling and pushing
something not felt before
each waxed and waned
parts of our bodies express
that we went looking for ourselves
in every language we could consume

we say what
a breathless soul
already knows

come on baby
take my hand and
climb on top and roll
with these rhythms
show me how you like
to be performed
how you already
knew what was written and
where you like to be on stage
with improvisation
and a handful of my hair
wearing my smile
inside your guile
and daring the audience
to reach inside there too


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