May 10, 2012

poem 154 of a poem a day for 2012

the words are falling like rain
(I can’t tell you how much I want you,
but this poem will try)

in close proximity to rain on the
leaves deciduous May
deep hang, moist cling
silence sings ghost whistled freight
trains snake the dark
see I am afraid to say
that I want to taste you head to toe
as the tides know what
joys step towards abandon here

at the window sill before Dawn
I long for salt and blood sugar
am I just a metaphor for more  
for want in a pure gravity
that knows no Heaven
I dream of your skin perhaps
you on top of my winged desire
with a match and one hand ready
to pour the gasoline
it may seem obscene
so I lean into this thought
and linger

you are close enough 
to arrest me and
to distill me in rhythm 
please and be pleased
I want to slow catch the rain
grow my tongue against
the skies in your skin
begin to lift the air
feel you birth me
into each moment
through each exhale
you’ve bitten my shoulders as
you’ve been building sate
fate doesn’t know my name
but your eyes do here  
your hands too as
they reach through my hair

I dream of that you
that is here and 
I find a jar to firefly
and watch me try 
to say something witty
reaching at a hinted mine
what I need bleeds these words
falling like the rain outside my window
wanting, wanting, wanting more
of all you have to give
for me when time stops
and the stars say in whispers
they’re already dead  
the wet clay shaped future 
is ready to kiln
is ready to be held 
in close sips

lips only have one now at a time
to beg for a tomorrow
that may never know
how I had come into being
being inside your feasted salvation
when the tides came in
through the clouds again


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