May 8, 2012

poem 152 of a poem a day for 2012

ipomoea alba (moon flower)

each sacred sweet sharp 
vines me into your desire  
slowly begins each undone
wears my limbs as an amulet  
savors my surrender
tells me with the memory
of your hands
sex is always
a divine part
of the poem

I love when you steal my words
leave my mind a breathless pause
a blind wet clay mouth
suckling tender ferocities
that your eyes let me know  
is our ancestral calculus
the scents of wanting
we must find
to let go and surrender
to each moment known
to be a soul’s tendril crawl
slow rooting each discovery
of the sky in the cup of Dawn
we wade in tided dreams
outside the window
we left open last night

this morning
the trees run fingers over me
like you do when
you reach behind you
as I begin to spoon
your bend again and then
you arch into me a little more
as I kiss the witness
of your silhouette
each time I pause
I lean into a little infinity
I gently firm a squeeze
I slow hand slide down
mine the moist fire
speak in low murmurs
I take small bites
paint the moonlight
that lingered
behind my closed eyes
from last night as
my nose can’t stop smiling
and my tongue knows
your rhythm’s way home
in each remnant silvered
dark that covers
us like dew waiting to
become the rain



  1. the intimacy....what i find very fun is your word pairings...

    tender ferocities
    little infinities
    ancestral calculus

    all cool...really nice poem....

  2. May is a divine month for intimacy...thank you for your for word pairings...I like to mine the verbals ores for entendre-esque smiles that can be found in the common places of where we race to slow build the joys of laughing out loud,leaning out an open window at the rain or Sun or what comes between the song we hear that calls the poem and how we always tend to write from where our heart is home...

  3. Great this...I love when you steal my words
    leave my mind a breathless pause :)

    1. sometimes it pays to listen in silence at the rain just outside the window ,while musing the dream-filled joys of an intimate companion...thank you : ^ )

  4. I love a little infinity.
    Very sweet.

    1. Thank you...I love the sweet linger that just being in a moment can bring...

  5. Beautiful and intimate in more than the obvious ways. This is truth via poetry, confession, the desire to want, to need, to cling. To be one with another beyond the physical...that place that we all somehow remember..yet claim to have seldom been.

    1. Thank you for seeing that...really appreciate your perspective...opens the arms of my Earth a little wider for the Sun to get inside...

  6. Sighing contentedly here. I have said many times many places that I dislike erotica on general principles as it's very dull most times, but this is a luminous, emotive, tender, and deeply satisfying piece of love poetry and should be read simply as pure poetry. Excellent work and I greatly enjoyed it.

    1. ...I find the salt sculptures that our desires,wave splash the unseen with, show more in our built silhouettes than the fully lit naked absence of mystery, that erotica can sometimes represent...gratitude for the taking the time to comment... :)

  7. Sultry, sensual and passionate - the language curls like vines, the images flower.

    1. Sometimes, with me, the poem just unfurls like a lonely thirst opening my heart's spigot...thank you for visiting... :)

  8. Of course, I like this very much....sensuality blending with nature is perfect..Nice to meet you at D'verse ~

    1. Loved your piece...and am grateful for you stopping by to say hello...

  9. This is fantastic, Edward! I believe this is my first time visiting your blog. The way you envision and describe each morsel of touch is so original and inviting. Lovely!

    These are some of my favorite parts:

    "each sacred sweet sharp
    vines me"

    "wears my limbs as an amulet"

    "suckling tender ferocities"

    "a soul’s tendril crawl"

    "I take small bites
    paint the moonlight"

  10. just a simple, sometimes clever, poet trying to find his way in this wide world of discovering another thing to love today...really appreciate that you stopped by and am grateful for your comment...Edward