May 5, 2012

poem 150 of a poem a day for 2012

words stolen at Dawn

where are you
my ghost of innocence
are you in the vines
trembling May's
silk painted fingers
do you wear desire 
do you hide your fire
do you want more as I do

I only fear leaving silent
something that needs to be sung
screamed, clawed, bitten and birthed
into this key-punch world
as trails of mist
leave my body
in foundries of what my blinks
can capture without
a warm companion

this is what haunts me
when I am not doing
enough to steal words
or torches or even Love
because all of these things
need the tide of blood
as I do to make my body
sound with the music of my soul
in the ease of spoons
and saucered milk
full with belladonna eyes

there are no surprises left
in this world
in all its seams
splitting night
spitting Dawn
everyone's asleep it seems
and I am here
another body thief
another moral broken

life will always be
for pursuing pleasure
because no matter
how categorically minute
this world becomes
I only need one warm you
to not be deaf, dumb
and blind
and to find
a way for the words
to fly here into this poem
all on their own
as if they knew all along
I was right
and silence
was wrong



  1. Gorgeous in it's aching plea x

  2. I always look forward to your comments...thank you Diana...for being and for having inspirational eyes...Edward