April 17, 2012

poem 133 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo21)


yes,  I want the morning
ahead of the crow
hide luxuries in the near light
finishing each last sip
each last step and leap
for gravity to catch
slip away unseen
in casted blight
through the trees

unfurling fills the day
each new second 
with more of itself
than onto the next
as the mist of chance
takes a begin and rises

it is good to get up
once in awhile
before the animals
supplant me and my throne
as king of the beasts
and master of nature, once

sometimes my best intentions
are meant to stay sleeping though
regardless of where I pasture or  
dig pay-dirt or eat roe
everyone sometimes looks
over their shoulders to know
Lot’s wife wishes
she hadn’t known as I do
kept her eyes ahead

towards the unseen
green of all good dreams
ripening on the vine
just past Summer’s
slow stabbed
morsel on the tined
lean body
of Winter
to be 


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