April 17, 2012

poem 132 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo20)

this constitutes love in all the wrong places

all these 
monster faces
have turned
my eyes forever 
towards fantastical 
rabbit holes
nowhere else
is a safe haven 
in the dark

the furnace of yesterday
has been knifed
by the northerlies
regarded carve of time
maple trees have grown leaves
almost overnight

the cool dry sanded
bright Sun nears
the spill of May
way out in the crumbling
western kingdoms
where my humanity
will always be
a begging dog

still not my own
piece of meat
still in step
with conformity
still looking for something
besides a repented
repetitive morality

my gut feelings sold
many clocks ago
for paper crowns
prostituting the truth
of the night sky’s
stardust placentas
slow feeding
my long journey
back home


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